Nike Air Max 98 Supreme – What in the Chunky Sneakers!

Leave it to Supreme to bring sketchy sneaker silhouettes back from the land of the dead. And if you take a look at FW22, you’ll see that Supreme isn’t planning on slowing down with odd collabs. But time flies, and we’re already at week 10, with a new Nike x Supreme collab! So, what’s up with the new Nike Air Max 98 Supreme TL release? Let’s find out together right now!

A Quick Air Max 98 History Crash Course!

We’re not gonna go through all of the rich Air Max history, but you can read about it here. However, we’re gonna talk about what went down with the 1998 silhouette and what’s up with TL. So, Air Max 98 debuted in February 1998 with the same groundbreaking tech we got in the Air Max 97. Sadly, the silhouette wasn’t as successful and easy on the eye as the 97s.

So fast forward to April 98, and Nike dropped an updated version of the 98s, the Air Max 98 TL. Apparently, TL stands for “Total Length”, and it makes sense because the whole Air Unit is visible! Anyway, the kicks were some of the most comfortable Air Max silhouettes. Unfortunately, Nike never retroed these babies, but now seems to be the time!

Air Max 98 Supreme – Plainly Edgy

That’s exactly what they look like: edgy with a hint of plainness. Don’t get us wrong though, the new collab will come in very interesting colors. However, the color blocking is pretty plain since they’re all gonna be monochromatic. The kicks will feature a mesh base with synthetic leather overlays of the same color. Both Supreme and Nike brandings will be on the tongue and insoles, obviously. And finally, the kicks will come in the following colors: black, white, brown, and pink. So if you’re into that kind of collabs, then you’ll wanna cop these babies.

The upcoming Air Max 98 Supreme will drop on Thursday, November 3, 2022, aka FW22 Week 10. Although the retail price of the kicks is unknown, we expect it’ll be close to the usual Nike Supreme collabs. So make sure you don’t miss out on the kicks especially since it’s a pretty rare retro!

Wanna Cop the Nike Air Max 98 Supreme?

If you already own 2016’s Air Max 98 Supreme, why not expand your sneaker collection? But to do that, you’ll need to up your game, since we all know how fast Supreme drops sell out. So make sure you get a Supreme bot to boost your odds of success a little bit. And if you wanna have the best chances, make sure you read this guide for the best setup! But in short, a bot will need some extra additions like proxies to give you its best.

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