Nike Dunk Low

Last, but certainly not least, number five on my list goes to the Nike Dunk Lows. These shoes are making a COMEBACK this year. The Dunks were originally a shoe advertised for college basketball, however, the Dunk Lows have made their way to the skateboarding crowd and now in the general fashion world. These sneakers have a very similar silhouette to AF1s, so if you don’t want to be “basic”, go for the Dunk Lows. My personal favorite colorway is the Syracuse Dunk Lows, which uses the colors of Syracuse University. A lot of hype surrounded the release of this bright orange and white shoe, along with many other colorways that have been released just this year including the “Chunky Dunky”, which was a collaboration with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (and has a resell price of over $1000). All in all, this athletic sneaker can be a casual, everyday shoe or a flashy statement depending on the colorway.

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