Nike Dunk Syracuse & Kentucky – College-themed Kicks FTW!

We said it once, and we’ll say it again; 2022 is the gift that keeps on giving. We’re not gonna get all sentimental about it, but we got some really amazing kicks throughout the year. However, some kicks have a soft spot in sneakerheads’ hearts more than others. And the Nike Dunk line is one of these soft spots, especially when they come in classic colors. So today we’re gonna take a look at the upcoming re-release of Nike Dunk Syracuse and Kentucky! And in case you’re looking for something fresh, you gotta check out the holiday 2022 Jordan lineup.

Nike Dunk Syracuse Low – It’s Twenty Twenty Too!

Okay but, puns aside, the news kinda takes us back to 2020. That’s when Nike Dunks were peaking, and everyone wanted in on this pair or that. And it was only fair on Nike to bring back the BTTYS colorways! Although they were originally high-tops, Nike dropped them in 2020 in low-top form.

The stars of the comeback were the Nike Dunk Syracuse and Kentucky, both in their respective college colorways. Nike Dunk Syracuse low features a white leather base with orange overlays. Meanwhile, the Kentucky Dunk lows came in the same while base but finished off with blue overlays.


Well, they were the first kicks to celebrate Nike Dunk’s 35th anniversary, and everyone wanted in on them. In fact, both colorways were relatively hard to get, and they’re worth a lot on the aftermarket! The Syracuse lows are currently worth $566 on average, while the Kentucky pairs go for about $525. Mind you, we got the high tops of the Syracuse colorway in 2021, but it didn’t hit as hard as the 2020’s lows did.

2022 – The Return of Nike Dunk Syracuse & Kentucky!

Whenever someone says that Dunks are dead, we look at all the pairs that still sell out today. In fact, the best-selling pair of 2022 so far is hands down the Nike Panda Dunk. And of course, with the Dunk’s continuous popularity, Nike’s definitely tempted to retro successful releases, so here goes nothing! Both Kentucky and Syracuse colorways are coming back on November 1, 2022. As for retail, you can cop the kicks for $110. Although it’s $10 more expensive, it’s worth it with such resale values.

Missed Them in 2020? You Don’t Have to Do That in 2022!

Before you get to the copping phase of your journey, you gotta know a couple of things. First off, you need to know how Dunks fit in order to buy the right size. Next, you gotta envision the outfit you’ll style them with to choose the right colorway for you. And finally, you need to get the best sneaker bot before drop day to give your chances a lil extra push. If it’s Nike SNKRS you’re after, a Nike bot can serve you well.

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