Sneakers That Will Go Up in Value – Invest in Your Kicks!

Ever since the sneaker industry started, the resale market started booming along. This led to people staying on the hunt for the next big thing. And today, we’re gonna give you a push in the right direction! So if you’re thinking of starting your own side hustle by selling kicks, this will come in handy. What are the sneakers that will go up in value in the future? Read on for the answer, and some tips and tricks to help you out when you consider flipping kicks! And speaking of valuable kicks, check out these upcoming not-to-miss Nike Dunks.

Sneakers That Will Go Up in Value, aka The Moneymakers!

The sneaker industry is full of kicks. Like really, it’s hard to just pick and choose one pair among many many releases within the same time span. And if you’re a sneaker reseller/collector, your task doubles in difficulty! But every once in a while, a pair of kicks, or a collab, comes around to make it clear that it’s staying. And these are usually the sneakers that will go up in value later. But what’s so special about them?

Well, it can be any of the following reasons. First off, OGs are always in demand, just like the signature AJ1 Breds. These kicks usually hold some huge sentimental (and monetary) value. If it’s not an OG, then the kicks are hype because they’re an awesome collab. And finally, the availability of the kicks also affects their value, just like what’s about to happen to Yeezys soon! But now, let’s check out the kicks that check one or more of these boxes!

Jordan 1 Georgetown ‘85

Or any OG Jordan colorway for that matter, but we chose the Georgetown 1s for a reason! The pair wasn’t an official OG release. It was actually a sample by Peter Moore. In other words, the kicks play on every sentimental nerve we have in our bodies. If you wanna know the full story of these babies, check it out here. But what matters is, at an average of $377 in resale, these babies are worth it. And unless Jordan Brand plans to retro them very soon, this value could very well climb up!

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